Here we go.

I’ve abandoned many blogs over the years. The web is littered with the shells of intense emotion that I’ve shed as I’ve lived and learned. And god, were they intense. One day something will come back and bite me in the ass, I’m sure.

The other day I felt the itch again, the desire to write down my thoughts in a public space that likely no one will visit. I tried to swat it away. My life is not the adventure fodder it was a couple years ago. It’s tumultuous and monotonous all at once.

But I’ll write for the pigeons, and the stray ice cream vendor who crosses through. A pair of tourists, hopelessly lost. A frazzled woman for whom this space is the path of least resistance from her apartment to the laundromat.

This time around I have no grand plans. I just feel like sharing things with you. There are many thoughts bouncing around this skull and they’ve got to splatter somewhere.

This could be nonsense. It could be gold. Oftentimes I find that nonsense is gold.

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